The Northwestern Law Journal des Refusés publishes online articles and artwork on a rolling basis, including responsive “Letters to the Author.” Each Spring, the Journal publishes around five (5) articles and three (3) works of art in a print journal.

NLJR intends to divide the five articles as such:  

  1. Two (2) to be primarily authored by Legal “Insiders” (legal faculty and/or practitioners, generally), 
  2. One (1) to be primarily authored by a Law Student,  
  3. Two (2) to be primarily authored by Legal “Outsider(s),” at least (1) of whom is directly System-Involved (legal workers, criminalized peoples, and legal clientele, generally). 

While we actively seek strong and passionate voices which have been often rejected by the “old guard” of legal academia, we more importantly seek to publish harmonious and considerate voices. We do not seek to publish vitriol, or hate for hate’s sake. Therefore:

Submission Details

The Journal accepts submissions for online publication on a rolling basis. Only articles submitted before February will be considered for print publication in our Spring edition.

There are no formalistic requirements to submit to the Journal (i.e. a minimum number of citations, word count, or experience in legal practice). Authors can choose to publish anonymously or under a pseudonym; however, the author’s identity must be disclosed to Journal editors. 

Submit to Northwestern Law Journal des Refusés

Design Our Cover Contest

Every year, NLJR releases a call to design the cover of our Spring print journal. Submissions should be 8 x 10 inches, include the title (“Northwestern Law Journal des Refusés”) and edition (“Spring 2024”), and be in the spirit of our Journal’s mission. Submissions are accepted on a rolling basis until February 2024.  

Have an idea? Submit your proposal(s) here.

Questions? Email us at