Illustration by Caroline Radell

The Northwestern Law Journal des Refusés (NLJR) is a student-operated journal of law founded on the mission of uplifting nontraditional voices and embracing the legal avant-garde. 

Inspired by the Paris Salon des Refusés (1863), which  imbued the art world with a democratic multi-style system subject to the review of the general jury of the public, NLJR publishes intellectually diverse and interdisciplinary articles which span a wide breadth of disciplines and schools of thoughts. With an eye towards accessibility to the public, interdisciplinary and intersectional academic inquiry, and thought diversity in all forms, NLJR seeks to capture the authentic relationship between the letter of the law and the ways in which it governs in practice. 

We publish one print issue of legal scholarship each Spring, as well as online articles throughout the year. We are actively seeking articles that can be meaningfully engaged with by the general public, whether on their face or with the help of practical guidance that will be published in each issue.