Common Sense Again: Addressed to the Women of America

@badgaltranny | March 29, 2023

Addressing this piece to the Women of America, @badgaltranny rewrites Thomas Paine’s foundational text so as to expose and lament the ALEC-Republican Party’s quest to overthrow the U.S. Constitution. Lambasting their attempt to call for a new Constitutional Convention (one in which “voters have no role to play,” and one which would replace our beloved Constitution with the ghost of the failed Articles of Confederation), @badgaltranny calls on the Women of America to shame and tame their wayward men. She assesses the abuse of power of America’s politicians and policemen, and proposes a womanist remedy. In her words, there is “simply a stunning lack of misandry in the reams of jurisprudence, and [she] intend[s] to rectify it.

If you are interested in reading a “steady stream of common fact” from @badgaltranny “about the Vices of Men and the Purpose of Government; and also common sense, about the Veiled Tyranny under which women have long lived,” take a peek at the ever-entertaining Common Sense Again.


PERHAPS the sentiments contained in the following pdf, are not yet sufficiently fashionable to ensure them going Viral. I simply lament, for older times and older Freedoms, captured not by corporations or liberals but by words so nostalgic they remain now only as felt memory within our bones, and in the spirits of our women. Despite my plethora of fact and abundance of hyperlinks, my reasoning will prove ineffectual to persuade, for a long habit of not thinking a state of affairs wrong, gives its superficial appearance of being right, and raises at first a formidable outcry in defense of Custom. But the Tumult soon subsides. Time makes more Coverts than Reason.

Time I will need, for I wish to persuade fellow Republicans that the modern visions of Freedom which one particular, rather sly and bought sect of our Party (which has long acted as quietly and concealed as an fox), these dreams of a nation without Government Regulation which they promise to we, the People, they have warped; and they act as agents of a second Master, a corporate conglomerate by the name of ALEC, the Devil which aims to overthrow our Constitution by calling for a new Constitutional Convention in which Voters Have No Role to Play. Be not fooled when these ALEC-Republicans proclaim their own love for America! Their excess patriotism is but cover for their wile. Employ your reason to see: theirs is a sham vision of America which our Founding Fathers detested, and one which threatens to destroy our Nation—depending on how many of us fall prey to their passion-enflaming demagoguery. Amidst this chaos, I cry out for one solitary man to hear and Rise to Freedom’s call, for the cause of America is in a great measure the cause of all humankind.

In the following pages, I ring America’s Liberty Bell, bemoaning that Her tolls will fall upon exhausted ears which have long been deafened by the howls of cowardly politicians and their media monsters. I declare that nothing can settle our affairs so expeditiously as an open and determined Shaming and taming of America’s most powerful men: its politicians and policemen. For this writing, your Author has studiously avoided every prejudice for and against men, so as not to misrepresent their political affairs to you, the Reader. There is simply a stunning lack of misandry in the reams of jurisprudence, and I intend to rectify it. What you will find here is therefore only a steady stream of common fact about the Vices of Men and the Purpose of Government; and also common sense, about the Veiled Tyranny under which women have long lived, under which too has belabored, and strived for Freedom,

THIS AUTHOR – Chicago, April 2023

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